Physical Protection/Spiritual Connection

We know that there is no such thing as spiritual isolation. Spirit is everywhere, connecting us. A breakthrough understanding for me came in the 70’s when I read about a man who had been on a life raft in the Pacific for over 30 days before being rescued. Much to the amazement of the reporters, he described how connected he felt with everything in his surroundings. “At night,” he said, “the stars were so close, it was like a blanket.”

Suddenly I realized that there is no such thing as being alone. It is an impossibility. We are always in context, no matter where we are. From then on, at times of so-called physical isolation, I came to experience that, as I put it, “every place and every time reveals an aspect of the Divine.”

Let me invite you into a little exercise. Consider the number of souls who are in the same neighborhood as you are right now. Consider all living beings in that space. Extend a blessing to them all for their well-being and the well-being of those they love. Notice how good it feels to do so. Then expand the circle farther and farther until there is no farther to go, always noticing how good it feels to be participating in the well-being of others.

May we all participate actively in the great connection that we share while we and others find physical protection from the risk that we also have in common.